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      1. Companies to introduce

        Nantong Heding Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Is the famous Austrian Mr Peter Lisec glass processing equipment manufacturing experts co-founded a high-tech company, specialized production and sales of composite stainless steel hollow glass with warm edge article interval and direct plug-in, for Windows and doors curtain wall insulation energy-saving projects to provide the best professional and technical services.

        Nantong Heding Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Technical team in the field of plastic extrusion and precision rolling forming with unique experience in theory and practice. For many years and customers at home and abroad such as the United States gm, Shanghai Volkswagen, guangxi yuchai famous company has a good cooperation.

        Mr Peter Lisec is Austria Lisec group of people, the company is a global player multinational group, with the world's top insulating glass line, glass cutting line, flat glass deep processing equipment, in 2002 Mr Peter Lisec factory in Shanghai investment, high-end equipment imported from Europe, provide to the Chinese market can be used for automatic bending aluminium article interval, when the project to fill the domestic blank.

        In early 2013, started cooperation research and development of stainless steel plastic composite interval (warm edge spacing bar), lasted more than a year, Mr Peter Lisec products passed the lab test in Austria, this product is for domestic initiative. Due to its unique product wavy surface of stainless steel, enhances the interval stiffness, improve the doors and Windows and curtain wall support strength and ability to resist wind pressure; To plastic PVC modified at the same time, make it has better resistance to high and low temperature, uv resistance and excellent heat insulation performance; Its unique structure and is suitable for any bending machining. So the product was introduced is ahead of other European and American counterparts, are widely favored by customers at home and abroad, its promising prospects.

        In June 2014, the company hi-tech development zone in haimen three factory set up production base, in the both sides would become slightly sexual partners, registered the "the REMARKABLE SPACER" trademark for the industrialization promotion, equity trading successfully hosting center in Shanghai. At present, the company has annual production capacity of twenty million m warm edge article interval, become the first in Asia the largest warm edge spacing bar production enterprises, for national implementation of building energy conservation targets in the field.

        Enterprise culture

        vision——Vision - to become the leader of warm edge insulating glass spacer industry.

        To make life——Mission - social responsibility, make employees, customers and enterprise win-win situation.

        values——Values - passion, dedication, and win-win, gratitude.

        Development philosophy——Concept of development, market-oriented, continuous innovation.

        The team concept——The team concept - absolute sincerity cooperation, passion

        Concept of choose and employ persons——Employment concept - the cheapest, the best talent and the mediocre talent is the most expensive

        Compensation concept——Compensation concept - Fruitless remuneration paid is the most shameful

        A concept——A concept - heart-to-heart returns the heart, The perspective-taking makes people closer

        Marketing concept——Marketing concept - the customer is supreme, carefully service

        Business philosophy——Business philosophy - the quality of the products is our pride, to provide customers with satisfactory service is our work standards

        The quality concept——Quality concept, product quality is the foundation of leads to the market, is the key to win the trust of users

        ? 2011-2016 Nantong and ding building materials technology co., LTD
        Address: high-tech development zone ,Haimen, jiangsu Tel:+86 513 68186076 Fax:+86 513 68186078
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